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New Rochelle is a city in Westchester County, NY. The city is 2 miles north of New York City. It covers a total area of 13.2 square miles. New Rochelle is home to over 77,000 people. There are also over 17,000 families that live within the city. They are attracted to the city’s seaside location, parks, golfing locations, and proximity to New York City. Unfortunately, living in New York City or close to it is expensive.

Rents easily reach thousands of dollars a month. It is difficult, especially with children, to find affordable housing that still allows you to provide for your family. Often, this requires moving to a place you may not necessarily want to move to either because of the size of the apartment or location. Thankfully, Trinity Management proudly provides affordable housing to residents in the New Rochelle, NY area.

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Don’t move to a place where you don’t want to because of financial constraints. Affordable housing is available that doesn’t compromise the location or condition of the apartment. You can live in a nice apartment that doesn’t break the bank and allows you to continue to put food on the table. Contact us today to schedule a virtual tour! You can also view pictures of our luxury apartments in our gallery.